Alfredo Lorenzo is one of the youngest and rapidly emerging illusionists in Europe. Alfredo was born in 2002 in The Hague. With his impressive magic shows, this Dutch Champion and winner of the Grand Prix Netherlands impresses audiences all over the world. His shows are one big sequence of dynamic, spectacular and unique illusions. The shows are interactive and the audience is very involved.

Alfredo Lorenzo comes from a real artistic family. Both his mother Margot Ronell and his father Patrick Beautour descend from famous international families of artists, dating back to the time of Napoleon.

Alfredo Lorenzo is a born artist. His passion for magic won him several prizes and awards for his shows and acts at a very young age and awards for his shows and acts. With his team and his Magic Dancers, 'The Dreamgirls Of Magic' he lifts magic to a new a new height of entertainment.

Experience the magic of Alfredo Lorenzo: the future of entertainment!